Jesus Fernandez Crespo, Espanja


Hi, I've been practicing agility since 2006 and competing internationally since 2011, as a judge I hope you enjoy running the courses as much as I do judging them. I love designing fast and challenging courses.

I like very much to design courses with high voltage, where you need to give your best, especially in timing with many different skills. If you don’t trust your dog and want run with them together all the time, you’re probably going to die. Trust and enjoy.

As a judge I currently judge tryouts from different countries as well as other national championships, I also have the pleasure of judging super international opens like Janakkala Open this summer, see you there my friends!

Kurt Ove Steinset, Norja


My name is Kurt Ove Steinset from Norway where I live together with my partner Mona and our 4 dogs (3 BC and 1 small Pinsher) in a small village 40 km south / east from Oslo.

I started with Agility in 1991. I’ve had a lot of fun for many years in higher classes with several different border collies, which have resulted in several medals in Norwegian Team Championship. I have an instructor education and have held many courses in agility. In 2015 I became a judge, as this takes a lot of time I only compete my own dogs for fun. I want to focus on the judge task which I think is very fun. ( I love it). I have also trained new judges here in Norway.

I have judged a lot of competitions in Norway:

- Dogs for all 2019

- Norwegian open 2018

- The Norwegian Championship 2018, 2021

International competitions:

- Nordic Championship August 2021

Judging in: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Østerike. Check. Slovakia. UK.

My style of courses: I try to get the best out of every team by building fluent courses with lot of speed. The difficulty of the course must be felt by the handler but should be easy on the dog. I like to challenge the teams by giving them many choices on my courses.

I hope to see you at a competition.

Petr Pupik, Tsekki


Thank you very much for the opportunity to judge Janakkala Open 2023, I am really happy about that and it is a big pleasure for me to judge besides great judges.

First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Petr Pupík, I am 38 years old and I live in a small village, Kunice, close to Brno with my wife, son and two Tollers.

I started doing agility 14 years ago with my Beagle Tim. Now I have 13 year old Jenny and 5 years old "puppy" Tulla.

I became a judge 10 years ago. In 2017 I judged the Agility World Championship in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this I have had the opportunity to judge in 29 countries around the world and I have to say that Finland is one of my most favourite countries. From all the competitions I have judged I would like to mention World Agility Open 2023, Junior open Agility world championship (2022 - of course in Finland), American & Caribbean Championship (2023), Moravia Open (2017, 219), Norwegian Open (2016, 2018), Hungarian Open (2018), Magna Racina (2020), Slovenian open (2021), RAF (2022), Prague agility party (2022) and National championships and tryouts for European Open and Agility World Championship in many countries.

As a judge I like designing and building fast fluent courses with technical parts, on which you can see a real connection between handlers and their dogs.

Thank you very much and I am really looking forward to the Janakkala Open. I hope we will enjoy this nice competition together.

Sari Mikkilä, Suomi


Hei kaikille! Janakkala Open 2023 -kilpailu on jo kohta ”ovella”, toivottavasti vielä kesäisissä fiiliksissä. Ei voi olla kuin hyvä, pitkä viikonloppu tulossa. Tavoitteena suunnitella vauhdikkaita, virtaavia linjoja ja useita ohjausvaihtoehtoja sisältäviä ratoja.

Tuskin maltan odottaa näkeväni taas kerran koirakoilta upeita suorituksia, ohjaajien luottamusta koiriinsa ja yhdessä parhaansa yrittämistä. Suorituksia, joista näkyy agilityn yhteistyö ja ilo parhaimmillaan. On ilo ja kunnia saada olla mukana.

Toivon kaikille osallistujille parasta onnea ja hienoa kilpailua, nauttikaa tunnelmasta ja radoista yhdessä parhaan ystävänne kanssa. Myös minä, kuten tekin, varataan mukaan iloinen mieli.